Dutty Cup Crew mourns passing of Mr Chicken

April 28, 2020
Mr Chicken
Mr Chicken
Looga Man
Looga Man
Uncle Mucks formerly known as Kid Kurup.
Uncle Mucks formerly known as Kid Kurup.

Nearly a week after suffering a stroke, veteran deejay and former Dutty Cup crew member Mr Chicken passed away yesterday.

Music industry players, including producer Q45, knew he had been hospitalised, but were not prepared for his passing yesterday.

"I have known Chicken for over 20 years and we worked closely for the past four years," said Q45. "We were even working on some new music."

Mr Chicken is featured on Q45's Buss Box rhythm released last month with a track titled Hide N Dweet. The producer said that Mr Chicken had a history of high blood pressure, which may have contributed to the stroke.

Former Dutty Cup member Looga Man expressed grief at his friend's passing.

"Anyone from Dutty Cup Crew is, without question, automatically family. We did not necessarily speak every day, but that's my brother ... I love Chicken. So when I heard of his situation I was beside myself - in a state of dismay, disoriented - I was praying for his speedy recovery to get out the hospital fast and come back 100 per cent. But now I have to come to terms that he is gone," he said.

Members of Dutty Cup (which also included Sean Paul, Kid Kurup, Froggy and Daddigon) amicably parted ways between the late '90s and 2000s to pursue solo careers.

Some of the members were speechless on hearing the news of Mr Chicken's death. Steve 'Urchin' Wilson said, "all of us, Sean, Farenheit, myself and the Dutty Cup Crew are grieving, and we really want to just send our condolences to the family at this moment."

Kid Kurup (now Uncle Mucks), was confident that "God would see Chicken through because he is a good yute".

"He was a really good friend for over a decade and it makes me sad to know he is gone, especially during this time. He is always happy and makes sure everyone around him is happy. Chicken's death comes as a shock to all of us. I have to big up Sean Paul for his continuous support for Chicken and his family through this time and my prayers go out to them as well," he said.


Mr Chicken, given name Henry Dyer, earned his stage name while working with Renaissance Disco because persons would always see him eating chicken.

Disc jockey DJ 3D, son of Renaissance Disco CEO DJ Delano, shared, "Chicken is like an uncle; I can't say we communicated in recent times, but he is family (so) I feel deeply, knowing he had to go through this. He was always taking care of people around him. In fact, he was the person that picked me up from school as a child and ensured I was fed with whatever junk food I wanted. I am sure I speak for all of us at Renaissance when I say prayers for his family throughout this time will not stop."

Mr Chicken moved on from Renaissance Disco to explore the possibilities of recording for other producers.

He achieved his first solo success in 1998 with the release of Sneak Up, produced by Richard Martin. He has recorded tracks for producers like Bulby York, Troyton, Lynford Marshall and Robert Livingston.

He recently released a mixtape titled Mr Chicken: From Den Till Now, chronicling his catalogue from the Dutty Cup days to the present.

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