Dufton Shepherd takes a shot at pay-per-view

June 19, 2020
Dufton Shepherd
Dufton Shepherd

Popular comedian Dufton Shepherd was set to release the second edition of his comedy special 'Slightly Unhinged' last month, but with COVID-19 continuing its stranglehold on the entertainment industry, plans for a physical show were thwarted.

Not wanting to disappoint his fans, Shepherd decided to take his plans to the virtual space. However, rather than Instagram, Facebook and Zoom, Shepherd has chosen to use pay-per-view.

"When you look at job loss, kids being at home, the COVID deaths, the sickness, coupled now with the protests going on across the world, this time of entertainment is needed and I don't think people would mind paying for it," he said. "This is a one-hour opportunity to laugh, enjoy yourselves, relieve your stress from your home. And when you think of it, it probably work out better than if you did a 'go out', because you woulda affi think about clothes, transportation, money for refreshments. The fee is a small price to pay for the quality of show that you'll be getting."


Shepherd said this show is an opportunity for him and other stand-up comedians to earn as COVID 'stop dem food'.

"But the bills nuh stop, and we still have kids to feed and families to take care of. I can't siddung and dead fi hungry because nuh stimulus package never a reach we, there wasn't any area for us to apply. This is an opportunity for me to earn and for the Slightly Unhinged brand to take a different turn and mature," he said. "I'll be using two comedians per show and it will give other persons a chance to not only perform but to earn. Since the show will be pay-per-view, the proceeds will be used to pay them. And it's not just the comedians who will be earning. We have the cameramen, editors, location and lighting people who will also 'eat a food'."

The comedian said he's hoping that based on how disappointed people were that the physical show had to be cancelled, the online event will attract immense support.

"The love for our comedians has always been real, and people will appreciate the fact that we are not looking for handouts. We are offering you quality entertainment for your money. It's really a win-win situation," he said.

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