4/20 should be bigger in Jamaica, locals say

April 20, 2021

Renowned music producer Breadback believes that despite large physical gatherings being prohibited, more could have been done on virtual platforms to celebrate April 20, the internationally recognised day to celebrate marijuana.

"Today a 4/20 and if me never get da call yah fi da interview yah mi wouldn't even remember, and fi tell yuh the truth dat cannot be a good look especially for Jamaica who paint a picture like the country support marijuana to the fullest. Yuh see ganja, a one a di thing we build our international legacy pan especially when it comes on to the music. Marijuana bring a lot of tourist to the country and I think we should celebrate it more," he said. "Overall, as far as me see, Jamaica kinda a dash weh a very sacred part of the island. Look pan a day like today, virtual celebrations shoulda up." Breadback suggested that locally, people always seem to highlight the bad things about ganja.

Embrace marijuana

"If you look around the world everybody a embrace marijuana and a legalise marijuana and we weh deh yah so weh our artiste dem sing bout so much, we nuh wah celebrate it," he continued. "All we wah do a lock it up. We fi celebrate it like how we celebrate everything else. COVID stop the gatherings but we coulda do the Zoom thing dem too like how we go virtual fi everything else." Jason Panton, co-operator of Kaya Herb House, told THE STAR that as a country whose culture is inextricably linked to marijuana, Jamaica still has not fully embraced the herb.

"Herb is a part of our culture more than maybe any other culture in the world. That is a result of the Rastafari influence that Jamaica loves, hides and denies all at the same time. Despite strides being made in creating a formal medical marijuana industry, it is still not fully embraced by the Government as a tool in its belt to uplift many people out of poverty and create a sustainable industry that has the potential to rival sugar, coffee and our other exports," he said.

Panton pointed out that pre-COVID, there were a few celebrations to mark the 4/20 day of festivities especially on the island's north coast. He said that although more could have been done to celebrate the day virtually, he believes had it not been for COVID, the day would have had much more buzz as more Jamaicans are beginning to embrace the 'weed'.

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