Prince Saj hopes new single inspires listeners

June 13, 2022
Prince Saj
Prince Saj

Gospel artiste Prince Saj has released his latest single, Fully Jesus, on the popular 'One Mattic' dancehall rhythm.

Prince Saj, who was the first runner-up in the inaugural staging of the Magnum Top Performa competition, first performed the single in the final round of the contest last December. King Calie ultimately took the crown. Since then, Prince Saj has been a crowd favourite and a sensation on social media due to his dancehall-style gospel lyrics and flow. He says he remains thankful to both the competition and to God for his continued success.

"Working on the track was a roller-coaster ride, but we enjoyed pushing through. I love the reaction so far. Many persons were looking forward to it from the Top Performa competition; so now that it's out, persons have been tuning in and supporting the word of God. It's a powerful song with a powerful message and I'd love for persons to not just listen it and say, 'Yea, it bad', but I want them to tune in to the message within the song," he said.

However, some bloggers have criticised the artiste for producing secular tracks on dancehall rhythms. But after some initial blowback, others have opined that Prince Saj can compete with any secular artiste currently performing.

Mixed reviews aside, Prince Saj is still soldiering on for Christ and hopes for the song to go worldwide.

"I really hope that this song can minister to a lot of persons and inspire them to walk with Christ. I'd also love for persons to share this song with all those who they can share it with and help make this song one of the biggest songs in the world right now," he said.

He thanked his manager DaJourney, DJ Marc and the Fully Jesus Team, as well as producer CJ The Chemist who "mixed and mastered" the song. He also produced the One Mattic rhythm.

CJ The Chemist only had good things to say about Prince Saj.

"Him bad. [He is a] talented youth [who] have a lot of potential, [and] his approach to business is different. You can't put him in a box. Him a go reach far; bright future ahead," he said.

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