Charly Black says him ‘Naww Pop No Molly’

June 21, 2022
Charly Black
Charly Black

International recording artiste Charly Black looks to steer the youth away from the potentially dangerous drug known as 'Molly' in his new single titled ' Naww Pop No Molly'.

There have been reports that the 'party drug' is being used by young persons, including teenagers, who are looking for that new high. However, doctors have warned against its use as the side effects can be severe.

"This project is targeting the younger generation of dancehall fans, conveying a deeper message that it's okay not to be a part of every trend and they can say no to peer pressure," said Charly Black. The single is a collaboration with the artiste and music producer Akeem Bowen of One General Music.

"I have wanted to work with Charly Black for a while now and it finally has happened and the timing is perfect. It was a great experience working with him to create this masterpiece," said the producer. The single was released on May 27 and Bowen said that it is making waves in the dancehall space in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

"I have been getting a lot of great feedback and I am grateful for the love and support. Big up to Charly Black and his team, gratitude is a must," said Bowen. He is currently in the studio working on other projects to be released later this year.

"I am aiming to please our audience worldwide with my productions. My production company will only release good quality music and try to incorporate different genres," said Bowen.

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