Pengadon wants to make global impact with his music

June 22, 2022

Dancehall artiste Pengadon is laser focused on using his music to send a message across the world.

The songwriter, who was born in St Ann and raised in St Elizabeth, is certain that his clever lyrics and fun melodies are the ideal blueprint for crossover success.

"I want my voice to be heard. The quality of music that I do is Billboard worthy and I would like to hit the chart one day," the 23-year-old said. He also has ambitions of sharing his craft with famed producer DJ Khaled. Pengadon's new seven-track EP titled The New World Order was released on June 17 and has a fusion of dancehall and reggae songs with a touch of mainstream appeal.

"I don't limit myself, I will always find new hits, new styles and flows," he said. "My motivation to succeed comes from the pain and poverty I have endured throughout my life. I know hunger, so music has given me a chance to express my thoughts. My fans have also given me the love and support that keeps me going."

Pengadon, whose given name is Romario Mitchell, has dedicated time to honing his craft in order to make timeless music.

"The power of music helps to send a message to the youths and the society about what is actually taking place in the real world. Music is used to express your emotions. It can help others in healing their pain which has a positive and lasting impact," he said. "It's time to show the people how talented Pengadon is." He said that he has no regrets about his career choice and is excited about the future.

"The best thing about being an artiste for me is that I'm able to express myself without limitation. I love music to the extent that I even dream about it. Music is my euphoria," said the Maggotty High School past student.

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