G Cole wants to emulate lovers’ rock greats

August 05, 2022
G Cole
G Cole

Nine years after writing a song that summed up a fulfilling vacation, singer G Cole finally went into the recording booth and made it official.

Peace of Mind is A Holiday, which he co-produced with J-Vibe, was released in June. It has all the ingredients that South Florida-based G Cole believes are necessary for that perfect lovers' rock song.

"Firstly, [you need] a great riddim with a great bass line that will reach your soul at first listen, a riddim that you would listen to without any vocals. Secondly, words of love and romance that are simple yet profound. Words that make you say, 'I could've written that' but really, could you? Case in point, I Wanna Wake up With You by Boris Gardiner or For You by Dennis Brown," he said.

Born in Ocho Rios, St Ann G Cole has lived in South Florida for 25 years, juggling careers as a recording artiste and broadcaster. To date, he has recorded two albums -- This Music Vol. 1 Return to Vintage and Ocho Rios, a salute to his home town.

His biggest influences musically are the aforementioned Brown and Beres Hammond, two of the greatest exponents of lovers' rock. They ruled Jamaican charts for many years, something he would love to emulate.

"It honestly would mean more to me to have a hit in Jamaica than internationally," he said.

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