Devin Di Dakta proclaims lyrical prowess

October 05, 2022
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

Often described as underrated by some dancehall listeners and core participants, dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta said he disagrees with that label and refers to himself as 'overqualified' instead.

The System Matic deejay, who has been active in the music business since winning the 2015 staging of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition, said he thinks he is a cut above the rest in dancehall music.

"Yes, I am. My pen game says it all and anyone wants to question it, check out my song Psych Ward [which is] available on all platforms ... [and] video on YouTube for it," he said. He claimed that it is Jamaica's longest and most lyrical dancehall song ever recorded, and it clearly demonstrates his lyrical prowess.

When asked if he felt music gatekeepers have stymied his growth, he said, "Not really. I just must find more creative and innovative ways to present my art. That's something I'm always trying."

But, he admitted that ratings in music have a far-reaching effect, and stressed the importance of being highly regarded in a competitive environment.

"It is important. If people don't rate you, then they won't buy/stream your music. So it's about keep trying new things until you find your niche," he said.

He has recorded numerous social commentary songs since his breakthrough in music, and attributed the practice to being outspoken.

"I'm the type of person who will always voice my opinion. Like it or not, whether you think I'm wrong, right or sound stupid, once I feel a way about anything, I will speak on it," he said.

He is currently upbeat about his latest project, Crush Road (Everybody Buss a Dance).

"It's a dance, feel-good type of song that's been naturally picked up by dancers from all over, so I'm looking to drop a video for it shortly," he said.

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