Broadcasting Commission able to flag songs on YouTube - But executive director says entity not regulating content

November 15, 2022

The Broadcasting Commission has been identified as a trusted flagger for content on YouTube, a role which would see it reporting possible community guideline violations to gatekeepers of the online video sharing and social media platform.

Cordel Green, the commission's executive director, while confirming the trusted flagger status, was, however, adamant that the entity is not involved in any discussions to regulate content on YouTube. The commission's mandate is to monitor and regulate electronic media, broadcast radio and television, as well as subscriber television. However, it has no remit in the regulation of content on the Internet to include social media.

"The commission has been exploring options for dealing with the various challenges which are emerging in the new ecosystem. Much of which is outside of the traditional platforms of radio, television and cable, and in that regard, the commission has in fact been identified as a trusted flagger for YouTube," Green told THE STAR.

Discussions around the role on the commission in the monitoring of content follows the entity's decision to impose a ban on gun, Molly and scamming songs from the airways. However, with many of the 'problematic songs' being played on social media platforms such as YouTube, concerns have been raised that the commission would seek to exert its influence in that space.

However, Green told THE STAR that the commission's approach has been to explore areas of collaboration and co-regulation.

"There is no regulation of YouTube that is taking place or no discussion about regulating YouTube or the content on the platform," the commission head said. "Our jurisdiction does not extend to the Internet. We only had exchanges to understand their approach."

"As I would have said prior to this, the commission does not regulate artistes. We don't know what goes on in the studio. They are free to create their art for different platforms, but our primary focus remains on regulatory platforms," he assured.

The executive director expressed concern about the lyrical content of some songs that are circulated on various digital platforms, including social media. He, however, said that the commission can only educate persons on safe and responsible Internet usage.

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