Mercenary is the ‘Top Man’

January 27, 2023

St Elizabeth-based dancehall sensation Mercenary, aka New Merciless, is pumped up about the enthusiastic response to his latest single, Top Man.

The song has been added to the rotation at major weekly events such as Bounty Sundays, Boasy Tuesdays, and Leggo Di Street dance.

"Everywhere the song drop, ah chubble! The other day, is almost US$800 the selector make at a dance in St Elizabeth. The artistes dem love the song. Big up the warlord, Bounty Killer, who endorse me and endorse the song in the streets," he said.

The song appears on the 'Green Dot' rhythm project alongside artistes such as KipRich, Chronic Law and Lanae. The overwhelming response to the song has fast-tracked visuals for the project.

"The video sick, hot cars, hot girls, whole heap a niceness," said Mercenary. He is managed by veteran manager Gadafi, who was the brains behind the career of the late legendary artiste Merciless.

"As long as mi ah mek money, Mamma Ettie pot cannot empty," Mercenary said, referring to Merciless' mom. He stressed that he is not trying to replace Merciless, but simply wants to carry on the legacy.

Mercenary grew up in Malcolm Square in the White Hill district. He attended Maggotty High School and after leaving there, lived in James Hill, Clarendon, where he linked up with reggae legend Barrington Levy.

Over the years, he has built up a decent underground following with his impressions of Merciless. When the legend died, he stepped forward to honour him.

"I am trying to help his legacy live on, why can't I prolong his legacy that he and Gadafi worked so hard to build?" he asked.

He recorded his first song, Zaddy, on the Annex Records/Outtaroad Records imprints, but it is the Top Man song that has captured the imagination of dancehall lovers.

"The Top Man song ah do road hard. I am not going to let the mission go in vain . Mi ah Leonard son, aka Mercenary, aka New Merciless, and mi ah come fi leave a mark," he said.

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