‘Beatbopper’ launches ‘Peace’ album

September 22, 2023
Michael ‘Beatbopper’ Hudgins
Michael ‘Beatbopper’ Hudgins

Motivated by his desire for world peace, US-based record producer Michael 'Beatbopper' Hudgins has released a compilation project promoting peace, featuring Jamaicans such as Reggae Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid and buzzing artiste Valiant.

Just for Peace was released days ago.

"It is just unbelievable that we hit the charts 24 hours following the release of the album. It is amazing!" Hudgins shared.

"With evil running the earth, peace through Christ is all we have. The issue isn't about black and white any more. It's more about light versus dark," Hudgins added.

The 12-track album is featured on four major charts, including the Amazon Reggae New Releases Best Sellers chart.

Headlining the album is Jamaica- born, US- based artiste Third World Don, who is a rapper and record producer. He is best known as a member of the group Wizard Sleeve. Their hit song Riverside (Let's Go!) peaked at No. 1 in the UK, which led to several tours. Other featured artistes include Chi Ching Ching, Kryme Rate, Lahjihkal and Quada.

"I think we need to be like Bob Marley and encourage music from artistes/producers that is inspirational; peaceful, non-violent music. Bob Marley got his message out without bad language or gun violence, and Bob Marley is still the number one artiste of all time," he said.

"So there's something to cherish when listening to powerful music. I will leave you with this ... if you have two glasses of water and you talk bad to one and talk good to the other, you will notice, over time, the water that was spoken poorly of begins to become cloudy, discoloured, non-drinkable. Meanwhile, water that you spoke good over, nothing will change and actually tasted better. So if our words have an effect on our environment, why wouldn't you think words have effect on us?" he reasoned.

When asked how he chose the featured artistes, he explained that the selection process was more than just lyrical talent.

"The overall meaning and the concept of the songs required that I felt the vibe of the song. Also, achievements outside of music, like community and charitable contributions, were considering factors," he said.

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