No ‘trick’ clashes for Bass Odyssey - Warns promoters about not honouring ‘juggling’ gigs

September 26, 2023
Founder of Bass Odyssey, Keith Walford.
Founder of Bass Odyssey, Keith Walford.

Following a cryptic social media post which seems to take aim at party promoters looking to get more than what they paid for, the head of veteran sound system Bass Odyssey has declared that his team won't be having it.

The social media post in question was made to Bass Odyssey's Instagram page, and declared that the sound would not "address loose talk for juggling money." THE STAR caught up with the sound's founding father Keith Walford, who explained that clashes and juggling are two "completely different ball games."

"Clashes require a lot of preparation. You have dubplates that you call customs, and you need customs for a clash. They are built for the specific occasion and can take time to get," he explained. While Walford admitted that he is unsure if the post stemmed from a specific incident, he explained that the sentiment is not new.

"That is always the case. You have promoters that book you to juggle and then hype up the event and promote it like it is going to be a clash, even though we didn't have that arrangement," he said.

The music industry veteran made it very clear that in those instances, his team has been instructed to do what they were contracted to do even if it means packing up and leaving an event when put in compromising situations.

"It's like strolling in a park and someone comes out of nowhere saying they want to fight you; you wouldn't have been prepared. And while some sounds might be looking a forward and jump on that, we won't," Walford said.

Bass Odyssey celebrated 34 years of existence this year, and, according to Walford, there is no need to 'kill' a sound as there is space for everybody.

"You just have to take your time and work. You have 100 sound systems in Jamaica, just go out there and do you thing. Of course, some are going to be booked more than some, but that doesn't mean you must go out and seh yah kill Bass Odyssey cause you wah be king. No man, low that," Walford said.

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