I stole my roommate's man


November 13, 2015

When I was in college, I shared rooms with another girl. My God! She was the weirdest person I've ever met. And I'm not talking about a cool kind of weird, I mean an annoying, dorky weird. I couldn't stand

living with her!

She would cook her food and eat in a corner. She would talk to herself and buss big laugh at times, like somebody give har joke! But the strangest thing is that she would hide up all her belongings in bags like she thought I was some kind of thief!

She didn't have anything I want, except her man. He was soooo hot! I really don't know what he was doing with her. He was tall, VERY handsome, worked out

regularly and had the sexiest smile I've ever seen on a guy. I wanted him.

So everytime he came over to visit her, I would do something to make him notice me. I would wear my shortest shorts, the sexiest dresses, and sometimes, I would go to shower and come back in the room wearing only my towel. When she wasn't looking, I would wink and smile at him and even give him a little peek.

One evening, Mr Sexy came over to visit Miss Weird, but she wasn't there! PERFECT! I invited him in and told him I don't mind hanging with him until his girlfriend comes back, but I knew very well that she wasn't coming back anytime soon because she was at a study marathon.

I knew he was attracted to me, so it was easy to seduce him into 'doing it' with me. That evening was the start of a one-year fun-filled fling with us, but he eventually migrated on a scholarship. Miss Weird still thinks her man is the most faithful guy that walked the earth. Poor she!

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