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November 13, 2015
File Kurry Stain
@Normal:Blak Ryno
File Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Haffi get the nookie, but we nah rape. Bun all rapist! Bun all paedophile. Look how much woman a gi weh free and a sell fi likkle and nutten, and unuh come a terrorise people pickney. Fire and lava fi anybody weh support rapist.

Mavado, Beenie


Mavado nuh come Jamaica in a over a year, and almost every month, him name call inna some mix-up.

Me listen the Mavado song, and mi nuh think him did a diss Beenie Man, but because Beenie 12 locks inna him head ketch up too tight, him run gone do song bout Mavado a groupie.

Beenie Man, you cannot be in argument with a man who don't live in Jamaica, and you don't have a visa right now to fly to continue the argument. Go and find another non-visa artiste to war.

Driver, don't stop at all. Bwoy, everybody did excited say Buju might come a road early.

And then BRAPS! Them just draw brakes pon we and tell we say him name nuh inna the first batch a 6,000 early releases.

Buju, gwaan hold the faith. 2019 is right round the corner.

Black Ryno and somebody name Kurry Stain inna war.

Kurry Stain say him want clash him a Sting. Me nuh know who name Kurry Stain, but from a clash, me will go fi see which one win.

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