Dressing for a job interview!


November 16, 2015

So mi turn up a di people dem interview at Studio One Boulevard, at Employee Welfare Association, and as mi reach I wah roll pon the floor and kinkatta!

No man, why some a unuh have to behave so? No matter the type of interview, people you should always make yourself presentable. Not because the people conducting the interview say dress 'casual smart' means you show up in sandals, sleeveless, or unuh head stay bad!

One girl har head tan so bad, mi try tek a picha and the camera couldn't even pick it up. It's like when you do a Google search and it say "no result found" or "still searching". On top of that, she well 'make up'... well kinda sorta ... since she had on bold eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick and no foundation or powder, it seemed.

I really couldn't hold back my laughter! I even showed one other person and she didn't help the situation as she burst out laughing, causing another guy to pick up on our scandalous act.

The girl had some pretty brown eyes on her, though. Maybe she thought everyone would look into her #prettybrowneyes and look pass the bad hairdo and the big ugly #cheaplooking plastic slippers.

Unuh can say mi stay bad, but mi know she had something better to wear. If she wore a hat to the interview and they asked why and she took it off and showed them, I'm sure they would have understood.


I mean, it was really bad. She had the weave in so long her own hair that was covering the tracks was natural. Plus, the track on top now looked like it was sliding off the hair as it was four to six inches from the root. I'm not even exaggerating. It did tan bad.

Then again, I can't even kill her because another girl that happened to work at the place, she never stay so proper either - but she wasn't as bad. When she came to tick names off, I said to the girl beside me, "So she work here and look how mi nearly start chat the girl!"

I even asked one of the persons in charge why the worker was dressed like that. The explanation was that it was dress-down day. Of course, in my head I was thinking, they should have told the poor girl to dress up!

The presentation went well as they told us about what kind of workers they were looking for and also the benefits of being a member of the Employee Welfare Association.

Now, pay attention, this is serious. I'm only sharing it because whether mi get the wuk or not it's a good thing every working person should have interest in. In a nutshell, "it's giving workers financial independence while unemployed." It's no joke people, like you pay $300 a week and in the event you ever get unfairly dismissed or injured, etc, you get paid while at home. It's like a partner or your very own credit union without all the hassle and interest rates!

The benefit them too good to be true! It's not a scheme or scam. That's the only reason I'm sharing it. Fi #threehundredolla a week? Taste better than pudding!

It's a smart move for any working individual 'cause tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. One day yuh in a wuk; next day, if them feel like it, yuh out a one.

Well, that is all people. It was interview day. Mi know mi did well, although, between mi an yuh mi did just go fi get di scoop. Yuh know I got to sort you out. Holla at your girl

@stargosssipchica@gmail.com mek wi chat! Walk good. Live well!

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