Star of the Month: Inside Asafa's closet

November 19, 2015
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer
Ian Allen/Photographer

Star of the Month: Inside Asafa's closet

His home boasts an incredible walk-in closet, but our Star of the Month, Sub-10 King Asafa Powell describes his style as 'simple'.

Located in his bedroom, Powell jokingly told us that we were to 'walk through fast' because his bedroom is where the 'magic happens.'

We slowly made our way to the closet, wanting to savour every detail. He opened the door to what seemed like a never ending supply of clothes.

Pants stacked neatly to the side, watch collection, sunglasses collection and shoes in almost every brand and colour. "Mi like shoes, I'm not much of a fan of high-tops, I have a few though. Most times I like to be in fitted shirts, I don't wear a lot of jewellery, just enough to bring the outfit off," he told THE STAR.

coloured fitted

Racks upon racks of shirts, many of which have never been worn, filled the room. His closet also boasts a mini hat collection, with one of his favourites being a Jamaica coloured fitted cap.

"I need a wife to come and organise all a these for me cause me ca'an manage on my own," Asafa stated.

His glasses collection is also to be envied, ranging from Marc Jacobs to Dior to Tom Ford.

Then came the moment we were all waiting for, Asafa trying on some clothes for us. While he searched for a Diesel shirt to try on, he gave us fair warning. "Close yuh eyes till me change," he told us.

We were too transfixed on his abs to even realise that the shirt was a little 'close fitting.'

"My God, this ca'an fit me. A buss me a buss out a this, but me soon wear it. It can work," he said with a smile.

But even with all the clothes, Asafa still considers himself a 'home body'. "I need to go out more, all these clothes and is not like I go out."

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