Man arrested after ex lover lied to police


November 20, 2015

A construction worker says he is having nightmares ever since he was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property.

He said his girlfriend went to the police and told lies that he used a stone to break the windshield of her motorcar.

He said he was very embarrassed when two policemen came to his workplace and arrested him.

"Last year, I ended the relationship with my girlfriend, and she called me several times begging me not to break up with her," he said.

"I told her that I was no longer in love with her as I found someone else who I truly loved. She said she could not believe that I could really leave her because she loved me and could not live without me.

"I told her I was being very honest with her, so she should just move on and find someone else. She said that was not possible for her because I was the only man she will ever love.

"She asked me several times to consider my decision, and I told her I had already made up my mind. She called me some nights crying and saying she could not sleep because I had broken her heart. I told her I was very sorry, but she had to consider my feelings as well, and I do not want to be unfaithful to her.

alleged damage

"Well, to my surprise, I was at my workplace last year when two policemen came there asking for me. They said they got a report that I threw a stone, damaging my ex-girlfriend's motorcar because the windshield was broken. I told them I would never have done anything like that. I was taken to the police station, where I saw her damaged car.

"The police charged me with malicious destruction of property, and I was granted station bail. I am a construction worker, and I missed work several days, and was not paid because I had to go to court. On my sixth court appearance, my ex-girlfriend wrote me a letter saying she still loved me and was sorry she lied to the police. She told the court she was not pursuing the case, and I was freed. This case has caused me sleepless nights because I cannot believe that someone could be so wicked.

"My mother has suggested that I should sue her because she really hurt my feelings, and I had to pay a lawyer to represent me. I am now considering what to do," he said.

It is open to you to file a suit against her for malicious prosecution and also claim special damages for the legal fees and loss of earnings.

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