My Confession: I lied about being pregnant to get money, attention


November 20, 2015

STAR, when I was in sixth form I used to talk to this big man that used to help me financially. You could say he was my sugar daddy of sorts. He wasn't very good looking, but his money was very handsome. He was a branch manager of a well-established company.

Of course, he was married, but didn't have any kids. This didn't bother me at all because I was getting my money.

Later on, I found out his wife was a 'mule', meaning she couldn't get pregnant. I loved calling her a mule to my friends because that made me feel like I had something over her. I couldn't dare call her that in the presence of her husband.

Occasionally, he would tell me how much he would love to have kids because not being a dad made him feel incomplete. I felt sorry for him, but mi neva want no pickney when I was so young. To be honest, a cute pickney me want. If they got his genes, it woulda tragic.

One month my period came late and I was a little worried, so I shared the fact with him. Lord Jesus! Him misinterpret what I said and believed I was telling him I was pregnant! He was sooooo overjoyed. I could hear it in his voice. He immediately started talking about how he would need to start giving me money for prenatal care and so on.

In the moment, I really didn't know what to do, so me just go along with it for a little. I researched symptoms pregnant women have, such as morning sickness, and would pretend to get those symptoms around him.

The extra money and attention did sweet me but after a month, I couldn't keep it up. My best friend helped me to convince him that I had a miscarriage. He believed and was very disappointed.

That was years ago. Last I heard, he and his wife adopted two kids.

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