Suss with Latty Goodaz


November 20, 2015
Fabian Marley
Andrew Holness
Portia Simpson Miller

Caan get enough of the Champion Boy. Alkaline, yuh find it! You a run road now. It look like you migrate. You skin just brown and pretty suh.

Anyway, Latty Goodaz the real champion girl deh ya. Big up all who fi get big up and all who nuh like we, can go chuck off in the ocean.

Call it Portia, call it!!! Everybody a wait fi Portia announce election date because we want see if we Christmas a go merry or not.

Andrew say di Labourite ready up fi di roll call. Portia say she a go call it when she get a touch from the master. A who a Portia master? Me mind tell me say a PJ enuh. Call it, Portia. Call it!

Andrew Holness, it look like you a look young people vote so you run go buy Clarks. Me wudda like fi tell you say is not 'dessert Clarks' though, is 'desert'.

It caan nyam. If you a go fling up yuh foot pon yuh jeep, make sure say you can spell.

Mama P, I still remember that you say we need ONE LEADERS.

Hi Pamputtae, congrats. I hear say it look like you married. A you say take over a man and buss marriage. I wish you all the success in the world because me rate the woman dem weh talk how dem get the man.

Me remember when you did say you babyfather married. Him still married or wah? Talk to me please. Me need fi know.

Fabian Marley inna one piece a mix-up with the other Marley dem. Him say Bob Marley a him father and dem say him fi provide proof, but dem nah give him Bob DNA fi test.

Only fi hear now say dem poison Fabian. What a piece a mix-up! Who poison him? We need justice.

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