'I started preaching at age six'


November 21, 2015
George Henry Pastor Verol Dixon

Name: Verol Dixon

Church: Wildcane Seventh-Day Adventist in St Ann.

Postion: Pastor and director for personal ministry, men's ministry, family life ministry, and choir.

How long have you been saved? I got saved in 1978.

How did you get your conviction? I started going to church with my uncle since I was age six. I started preaching at that same age.

My father was not saved at the time, and he heard me preaching one day. He said he was not going to allow me to go to Heaven without him. He decided to get married to my mother and started going to church. He stopped living unrighteously and became active in church.

He is now an elder in the church. He accepted God through my ministry when I was six. He has won many souls.

I was baptised at age eight. Since then, I have had many mishaps, but I have been able to hold on to God.

What has been your most challenging moment since getting saved? My most challenging time was in my younger years as a Christian. I backslid but was still attending church. I never left the church. I kept going to church every Sabbath but backslid.

I managed to struggle my way back to God after a very dreadful event. My challenge also had to do with me having to move around as a preacher.

I moved around for about three months. I missed my family. It really hurt at times, but it was the work of the Lord.

What has been your most miraculous moment since getting saved? I was held up in Mandeville and was shot at. The man tried to fire at my neck twice, but the gun stuck.

I recognised that I was a preacher before I backslid and could have died during that encounter with the gunman. I made an about-turn and returned to God. I got baptised again and went to the Mandeville Seventh-Day Adventist Church in 2005.

Since then, I have been spreading the gospel around Jamaica. As an evangelist, I am spreading the gospel like wildfire.

Another miraculous moment was when my daughter was born prematurely this year.

She was born at the University Hospital and was the only baby to survive. She weighed one pound and is now 12 pounds.

Message to Christians: Stay on board with God. It doesn't matter what storm clouds rock your ship, just stay on board.

Message to non-Christians: Time is running out. Get on board! What on earth is worth losing Heaven for? What will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

Get on board because time is really running out on you. Seek God! He will see you through in whatever you do.

Favourite Bible scripture: St Mathew 6:33.

Favourite line from favourite song: "Would you be free from your burden of sin; there is power in the blood."



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