The ups and down of football


November 23, 2015
Fans pack inside Sabina Park

Good day gentle people? I hope unuh alright and being smart cause 'politrix' a go round and mi don't waant unuh ketch it!

Sports isn't my thing and everybody who know me by now know I'm one of two things when it comes to anything sports. I'm either a bandwagonist or a cheerleader. The difference between the two is for me to know and you to find out....But like Saturday at Sabina Park I played cheerleader because I went on some sort of football date lmao.

I've watched the Reggae Boyz played a few times but never had the chance like I did on Saturday to ask all the dumb questions I had from start to finish. So there I was trying to make sense of what I'm seeing on the field when I heard a man shout out a huge bad word. The little boy beside him obviously his son caught the rhythm, "Hey go ...." he also shouted.

I looked at him sharply and the father noticed. He laughed as his father said, "Hold dat back!" I couldn't believe my ears. I sat there and observed them both. The little boy was a spitting

replica of his dad in attitude, ways and the filthy mouth. He had to be about nine.

He kept looking at me with him ears dem looking like wings waiting to take off and grinning his scattered teeth at me. As someone beside me rightfully said, "Him act like him deh a world long time eeh!" I had to just laugh.

This was a schoolboy match. But that didn't stop people from shouting out bad words when they didn't approve. They were all sideline coaches, referees and better players in the stands than the actual players on the field. The comments rang out:

"Everybody come inna the box nuh."

"Ref put up u flag nuh idiot referee boy!"

"Yeah man shoulder that ref."

"Referee a mek things get out of hand."

"Pressure! Pressure!"

"Baaaall! Baaall!"

"Why him run een, him rush it man."

Occasionally there were shouts of, "Nuts. Nuts. Nuts! Peeeeeanut. Juice and water who a buy!"

"Banana chips, phone card!"

Someone beside me wanted a water to buy, and the vendor said, "yuh want Cranwata?"

"No a normal water!" I had to literally laugh. I honestly thought water was just water! So unuh tell me something "if the water not normal what would he order one abnormal water?!"(Smh smiling!)

There is always one person begging for attention and it was this little girl in a fitted black dress. Her whole mannerism was just extra and over the top for a schoolgirl. She never tap till she twisted har ankle in her big heel slippers. Guess everybody saw her then. Isn't that what she wanted?

The first game finally ended Jamaica College four and Denham Town two. It was rather slow and draggy!

The second game was more exciting with Jonathan Grant scoring only one and St George's four. I have to say though the Jonathan Grant students and supporters were on point with their optimistic cheers and drumming the whole time. Can't imagine what noise they would have been making if they won.

Poor boys were just laying on the floor like all hope was gone after the game. They were picked up like little rag dolls. Bitter, sweet moment but man that looked so funny!

One St George's boy was flipped over like a dolphin doing tricks. He landed pretty hard. He injured his leg; good thing time was up cause for him it was ... . Game over!

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