Predictions: Divorce lead to failing businesses


November 26, 2015

A Jamaican businesswoman in her early 50s, told me all three of her business ventures were failing badly. I advised her to start checking stock weekly instead of monthly.

I also did a tarot spiritual reading, (with the use of special cards). That's when I found out her biggest secret. Her husband was pressuring her for a divorce and this was affecting her mentally, spiritually and physically. She was having sleepless nights, memory loss and losing focus, losing weight and her hair was falling out because of the stress she was experiencing. I then had to convince her to taste the herbal tonic which she did, and after tasting, it she loved it. I then instructed her to drink a cupful twice per day. I then encouraged her to get pass the divorce which she did, but her husband died shortly after.

She then sold out all her businesses for a good amount of money and decided to live overseas. She is now in much better health and is living a contented life.

When this higgler came to see me, everything was going wrong for her. She had to put her business on hold because of extortionists at her arcade in downtown Kingston. I could see that her problems were spiritual in nature. This was despite the fact that she was overweight and had a badly swollen foot which made it virtually impossible for her to move around.

As I read her palm, she broke down in tears, unable to believe that a stranger could tell her so some much about herself - most of which she knew to be true - just by looking at her palm. I instructed her to go on a balance diet in order to avoid heart problems or diabetes, blessed her up, anointed her feet and gave her some medication to continue the healing process at home. In less than a month, her foot was healed and the business was doing much better.

I also told her to employ a family member whom she could trust, to help with the business. Within two months, she revisited with gifts, telling me how thankful she was. I told her she must also thank the Almighty, because without him, nothing would be possible.

A woman I knew from school days told me something terrible happened to her after she left school and she went to several

spiritual places in the search of help.

They all failed. Someone told her about me. To my surprise, she visited my office with a family member. She was so surprised to see me, not knowing I was the person she was coming to see. After a brief reminiscence of our past, she put forth her request. Her skin was like that of a

crocodile (swollen, with a lot of huge bumps).

To my knowledge and experience with these things, it was a voodoo trick. Having the experience of counteracting these things, I immediately put my expertise to the work. I started with a spiritual bath, gave her some herbal tonic and anointed and blessed up her entire body with consecrated olive oil.

My dearly beloved readers, in a few weeks she called to say her entire body was healing.

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