Emile and Cassandra's special day

January 02, 2016
George Henry Cassandra arrives for her special occasion

The New Testament Church of God along Eastwood Park road in Kingston was populated with over 100 specially invited guests, headed by Mayor of Kingston Angela Brown Burke on December 19.

They had gathered to witness the marriage between Cassandra Cohen and Emile Walker of Clarendon and Trelawny, respectively.

Despite having to wait on the bride for almost two hours, one could see why Emile was prepared to be patient. The effervescent, beautiful and attractive Cassandra appeared decked in a traditional white wedding gown with her head piece glittering with matching earrings and necklace.

Decked in his white-trimmed black suit with a silver-looking waistcoat, Emile took the right hand of Cassandra from her father, Sebert Cohen, and stood before Bishop Dr Stephenson Samuels, who presided over the wedding ceremony. Emile was all smiles when his bride's hand was placed in his.

Following Samuels's charge and the couple's pledge of faith at approximately 12:08 p.m., the marriage officer jokingly told the crowd that Sebert was a bold man to give Cassandra to Emile to be married.

By 12:12 p.m., they were through repeating their marriage vows; and by 12:19 p.m., the couple were sporting their gold wedding bands.


Following a prayer by the Reverend George Smith, the couple moved to a table where they had a candlelight ceremony, signifying, their union as man and wife.

Mr and Mrs Walker were soon completing the signing of the marriage certificate in the presence of best man Jermaine Lawrence and maid of honour Charnell Newell while guests were being entertained by Cammesha Harrison.

Samuels, who gave the couple encouraging words following their kissing encounter, pointed out that they should plan together in order for their bond to be stronger. He also encouraged them to play together and have fun so that their relationship will never get boring. The newly-weds then did the recessional march, along with members of the bridal party, after which they proceeded to their picture-taking spot and the reception venue.

In his reply at the reception, Walker told his guests that he had reasons to praise the Lord. He shared that his deceased sister would have been happy to have witnessed this special day; but he was satisfied and happy that her children, who remind him of her, were in attendance.

The married man said he was also happy to have ended 2015 with a bang by taking on to himself the beautiful and attractive Cassandra to be his wife. Walker shared also that he was glad that his friends were around to share in his happy moment and that he was also happy to be wearing a wedding ring given to him by his bride.

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