The time to serve the Lord is now

January 09, 2016
George Henry Pastor James Smith

Name: James Smith

Church: Bethlehem Tabernacle United Pentecostal, James Hill, Clarendon.

Position: Pastor

How long have you been saved? I have been saved for 30 years.

How did you get your conviction? My conviction was based on my parental upbringing in the church, being exposed to the things of God and the teachings of the word of God, prayer and fasting and the reading of the Bible at home; and coming to a time where I understood that it was the best step to make, to serve the Lord; the Lord impressed upon my heart to give my life to Him.

What has been your most challenging moment? Not be defensive of myself in a physical way, especially when I went to college. I was attacked and slapped by another student. I had to restrain myself. I chose to restrain myself based on my relationship with the Lord. By His grace, He allowed me to restrain myself.

What has been your most miraculous moment? My most miraculous moment came very early. I remember being in an accident during which my siblings were around me. I went to the woods and a huge rock fell on top of me. My siblings tried to remove it but had a difficult time doing so. When they failed to do so, I said to the Lord, if He (Lord) removed it, I would serve Him as long as I live. When my brother and sister tried again, the rock was miraculously lifted, and I came from under it. I have also witnessed persons taken to the church and were healed. I remember one person who attended church walking on crutches, was prayed for, and was able to walk home after he was prayed for.

Message to Christians: You are living in the end of time, and the things of the world are so designed to trap you and to lure us from the kingdom of God. So you have to stay focused, knowing that the Lord draws near.

Message to non-Christians: The time to serve the Lord is now. The pleasures of this life will always be greater and more enticing every day, but they cannot be compared to the blessing and glory that we shall experience when we meet the Lord. It is time to serve the Lord, because no man can really stand the judgement that will come.

Favourite Bible scripture: The Book of Ephesians.

Line from favourite song: I'd rather have Jesus.


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