Man's infertility issues raises paternity questions

February 19, 2016

After 17 years of uncertainty, Kirk Wallace*, 53, and Stacy Allen*, 47, have finally decided to have the paternity of their 17-year-old daughter settled.

The pair contacted THE WEEKENDSTAR in a bid to secure a DNA test in order to have a burning issue resolved.

According to Wallace and Allen, they met each other years ago after being introduced by a friend. They started a relationship, but broke it off and are now back together.

However, the time apart may have led to their decision to clear the air, especially after Allen started wondering if her other lover was infertile.

When asked what they wanted the results to be, Wallace said: "Yes, I want it to be positive. I want to make sure."

Allen said: "Aww positive."

Whether the result is positive or negative, it appears the relationship would not be affected.

Wallace said: "Well, if I'm not the father it wouldn't' be a problem really cause the child is with me from she small until now. If the result is positive and I am the father, then I would do a name change because she is currently in another name."

Allen said: "If is not his child then I don't know. If it says it is his child, that is what I need to know."

They both gave contrasting views as it relate to the reason for doubts surrounding the paternity of the 17-year-old in question.

Wallace said: "During the separation she said the child is mine, but she went and live with that person and she did not register the child in my name."

Allen said: "I am not sure the person whose name she is registered in can get any child, because we try after that and it still never work. Plus her complexion, looks and features on a whole are different from him."

The two told THE WEEKEND STAR that their community is not aware of the ongoing issue.

Wallace said: "They don't know the child is not in my name."

Allen said: "They don't know what is happening."

The child's facial features also something that further cement the couple's belief.

Wallace said: "She resembles my side of the family."

Allen said: "I would say she resembles the Wallace's."

* Names changed

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