Spice goes on tour

February 24, 2016

Our STAR of the Month, Spice, is currently on a month-long tour in Europe. The entertainer told the STAR that she has already made stops in Berlin, Paris and Renne, and is gearing up to take Sweden by storm this weekend.

With performances in Strasbourg, France, and Hamburg, Germany, booked for the coming weeks, the entertainer wants fans to get a glimpse into the life of an artiste on tour. She answered questions on the level of preparation that goes into on-the-road performances, as well as some of the things she must take with her on the go. This is five questions with Spice, the tour edition.

1. How do you prepare for a tour as it relates to rehearsals?

Spice: I don't normally have rehearsal because it's track shows, so the performance is already natural for me

2. Name some of the items you must take with you on your trip.

Spice: I must take my cell phone, make-up kit, water crackers, milo and mint tea bags, different wigs to change and costumes.

3. When you and your husband are away who is responsible for caring for the children?

Spice: My mother takes care of my kids for me.

4. Take us through a typical day for you while on tour.

Spice: A typical day on tour would be waking up early like 5 a.m. to ketch a flight to whatever destination then maybe another three hours train ride. By the time I get to the location I have to rush to get ready for my performance then after performing for one and a half hour on stage I stay back to take pictures with the entire club.

5. How expensive is it to take dancers and makeup artist with you on the road?

Spice: It's expensive because you have to pay them from your salary, but I enjoy having my dancers with me, not only because they lift my spirit so much, but they also enhance my performance and gives me a better energy on stage.

The singer also revealed that her tour schedule is very tight so there is very little time to enjoy all the things the different cities have to offer. However, whenever she gets a day off she tries to go sight-seeing, especially when she's in Paris as the Eiffel Tower is one of her favourite places to visit.

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