It's time to turn to God!

March 12, 2016
George Henry Pastor Claude Cheverria

Name: Claude Cheverria

Church: End Time Ministry International in Mandeville, Manchester.

Position: Pastor

How long have you been saved? I have been saved for 31 years.

How did you get your conviction? My conviction came one day when I went to the field to pick some coffee for my father. There was a crusade going on at the Church of God of Prophecy in my area. My parents were Pentecostal and they would not allow us to go, even though I was about 19 then. I was coming from the field while rain was falling, so I stopped to shelter under a tree when I heard the voice of the Lord say that when I reached home, I should put on my clothes and go to the Church of God of Prophecy. I went and I got saved that night, and the rest is history.

What has been your most challenging moment? My greatest challenge since being saved has been to survive my critics. They are always giving the impression that I could never make it through the Christian journey. The ones who do so the most are those who are closer to you, especially in your community. They are never fully believing that one has changed.

What has been your most miraculous moments? My most miraculous moment since I have been saved was when someone brought a baby to me for prayer. The baby was very ill and looked like skin and bones. I prayed for her and she was healed instantly and started to eat her meals. The baby found strength and was up and going.

Message to Christians: Remain firm. There are a lot of strange things happening around us now, especially as it relates to religion. There are some new religions that are coming in that sound convincing, but we Christians need to stick to the real religion that we know. What we have been exposed to is the right thing, so do not be swayed by these new religions that have come about.

Message to non-Christians: Turn to the Lord because these time are the signs of the times which the Bible speaks of. All the signs are visible. You can see them just by looking around. The wars that the Bible speaks about are now happening in the Middle East. The rumours of war, earthquakes in diverse places, among other things, are signs that the coming of the Lord is near, and it is time for you to turn to God.

Favourite Bible scripture: Psalm 3.

Favourite chorus: It is well with my soul.


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