Star of the Month: Tanto loves being a father

March 16, 2016
Tanto Blacks

He may be more popular for his witty personality, his on-stage gimmicks, and his catchy songs, but our STAR of the Month is much more than an entertainer.

Aside from being a loving boyfriend, Tanto Blacks is also a devoted father.

The father of five told the STAR that being a father is an important job and one that he takes very seriously.

"I love being a father. I got five kids and I love all of them. I take being a father very seriously because I have to be someone my children can look up to," he said. "I make sure that I provide for them. I will do anything for my children."

strict father

He also revealed that while his onstage character loves to have fun and give jokes, he is a very strict father. "I'm a strict father when it come on to my kids. I can't be too free on them at all times," he said. "To watch TV, we set a time. Dem know when a dem bedtime, and we (their mother and I) try to teach them how to satisfy."

With all of the entertainer's children being under five years old, the STAR asked the deejay how he managed to take care of them. He revealed that all he does in life is support his children.

"We manage, innu. It's nothing hard when it come on to my youth them. I give them everything I can. I can maintain my youth dem even before mi say real rich. Mi gi dem everything. When it come on to things to give them, mi nuh really strict pan da part deh."

The entertainer says that it is important for men, especially entertainers, to live up to their responsibilities as fathers as they are always being watched.

"People look up to we, innu, so we have to make sure we do the right thing and be positive at all times. We affi protect our children and take care of them because they are ours."

He also revealed that if his children should remember any lesson he taught them, it would be to pray at all times. "Mi hope them always remember dem 'Our Father' prayer because prayer is important," he said.

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