Paternity Puzzle: Mother to know father of 17-year-old child

March 18, 2016

The winning paternity puzzle story for the month of February has been decided. 'Man's infertility issues raises concerns', which was published on February 19, has been selected as the most deserving of a free paternity test.

This means that Kirk Wallace*, 53, and Stacy Allen*, 47, are one step closer to bringing closure to a matter that has been hanging in the balance for 17 years. This matter has to do with the paternity of Allen's 17-year-old child.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Wallace and told him that he had won the paternity test, he was elated.

He said, "Mi happy man, mi feel good."

Wallace told THE WEEKEND STAR that he stands by his testimony in the previous interview, and that doing the test can only bring himself, and his partner closer.

Allen was equally excited when she heard the news that they had won the paternity test.

"Oh my God! I feel so good; I can,t explain the feeling!" she said.

She asked THE WEEKEND STAR to remind her of the comments she made during the previous interview, and then expressed that she stood by all that she said.

She also added, "It is rocky right now, so I guess the test would settle things and make us better. Each time the topic comes up, it's an issue."

Allen had told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was sure Wallace was the father of the child in question because her previous partner, whose name the child is registered in, has infertility issues.

Allen said: "I am not sure the person whose name she is registered in can get any child because we try after that and it still never work, plus her complexion, looks and features on a whole are different from his."

The two told THE WEEKEND STAR that their community is not aware of the ongoing issue.

Wallace said: "They don't know the child is not in my name."

Allen said: "They don't know what is happening."

* Names changed.

* Persons in graphic below are models and not the actual persons mentioned in story.

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