Star of the Month: Tanto new video buzzing

March 18, 2016
File Tanto Blacks

The official music video for his hit song 'Real Rich' was released on Monday and has been making the rounds on social media all week.

Aside from sharing the video across several social media platforms, especially Facebook, fans of Star of the Month, Tanto Blacks, have also lauded the entertainer for the work he has been putting in over the years.

Since being uploaded on Monday, the video has been viewed more than 17,000 times on YouTube. It has also generated hundreds of comments, with fans praising the entertainer for always remaining true to his image regardless of what people may think of him.

"Be yourself; never copy others. Tanto jus' different from everybody," one user posted.

"Lol rich mi like how d man got him own flow video mad," (sic) another posted.

Tanto Blacks says he enjoys making his fans happy and is pleased that they are giving his latest project a positive feedback.

"Mi feel great about dem ting deh yuh nuh because mi a di people people," he said. "I'm a yute weh a go get love from di people because I'm real and mi clean no matter what."

He says he knows there will always be people who will dislike his work and try to focus on negative things. "I know in life things set a way and a nuh everybody mi a go get love from still, but who real a go see di realness and love di video and say 'yes yute, gwaan a road, or yes yute, yuh buss out' fi mek me feel strong. When dem say dem tings deh, me, Tanto Blacks, feel rich."

The video was produced by Bambino Musik and CopperShaun and was directed by Roger B Stillz from Miami.

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