Real Talk: Chi Ching Ching talks love and life


May 19, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching
Rudolph Brown/Photographer Chi Ching Ching

Real Talk

Renee Deleon

Welcome back to another exciting week of Real Talk. This week I wrap up my interview with our STAR of the Month, Chi Ching Ching. He chats love and life. One can't help but appreciate how real he is.

Renee: Are you a traditional dater or a Netflix and Chill kinda guy?

Chi Ching Ching: Well, me love go pon date enuh and me know the requirements for going on dates. Cause if you like a girl and you bring her on a date, that means she's precious to you, that's why you bring on her date. So why you can't open the door for her? When you go to the restaurant, why you can't pull out the chair for her? She's a dime piece so you do that. Chi Ching respect woman, me treat woman lovely.

Renee: Have you ever

been heartbroken?

Chi Ching Ching: Is not a good experience to get your heart broken. It tek me a while fi mend up me heart and meet me next girlfriend weh me talk to after she, it tek like couple years well fi me even say, me a go love her.

Renee: Did you cry?

Chi Ching Ching: Yeah. Anno like say me siddung a bawl, me just drop a one tear. A me first girl dat, like since me leave school and get a big woman weh teach me certain things.

Renee: It is a popular school of thought that when a man becomes successful he leaves his girl who he struggled with for an 'upgrade'. What are your views on that?

Chi Ching Ching: Sometimes a di girl dem a di problem too enuh. You get di glory and dem feel say yuh nuffi live it so dem can't tek di pressure and dem run and mek it look like say a di man leave dem. So sometimes you can't just look on a situation and say 'Da man yah deh wid deh girl yah and lef har'. Me check fi my two babymother dem same way but di girl inna me life right now, me really love her.

Renee: Are you comfortable with where you are in life?

Chi Ching Ching: Yes. I'm comfortable in life and anything me mek right now is a profit cause me never have nothing. And right now, where I am, me grateful for it. Times past, it was really rough.

Renee: What was life like for you, growing up?

Chi Ching Ching: Life was really rough. My dad was the person who grow we and sometimes him gone on farm work and him used to lef we wid whole heap a people, that's why Chi Ching Ching have so much family today. If him a fly out dah year yah, him leave we wid deh man yah, if him a fly out next year, him leave we wid deh lady deh. At one point even before me leave school, a me alone did deh pon me own one of the time. Dem time deh me 15 or 16.

Well, we are certainly proud of Ching's progress. Be sure to check out the video on THE STAR's website or YouTube channel. See you next week when I will be chatting with another Jamaican personality. Until then, keep it real!

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