I don't need controversy to make it - Ching

May 24, 2016
Contributed Chi Ching Ching

Our STAR of the month, Chi Ching Ching, says he prides himself on making music that's guaranteed to make people relax and have fun.

With that as his main priority, the entertainer told THE STAR that he tries his best to steer clear of controversy as he believes the latter will do him more harm than good.

"Mi neva use controversy fi people know me, so why mi ago use it now?" he said. "Mi nuh deh pan di controversial thing, man. If yuh notice wah kinda music Ching do, mi nuh want be da artiste deh. Mi come fi make the people dem have fun."

He explained that he has always tried to stay out of controversy not only because of the reputation he wants to have in the streets, but also because he believes that artistes who fuel their careers on controversy eventually allow themselves to become corrupt.

"Controversy will drive my heart fi become corrupt like dem (artiste who thrive off controversy) and drive mi fi do bad things inna music, too," he explained. "Mi put di whole a my time inna good and fi make people have fun, and mi don't waa start put it inna bad."

Staying true to his word of doing good and making people happy, Chi Ching Ching revealed that over the years he has been very involved in charity as he realises how important it is to give back.

"Mi try fi do things fi people benefit from as much as me can," he said. "So like sometime the school dem inna mi community will have a fundraising ting and Chi Ching Ching is there. I always try to show up in that way."

He also revealed plans to host a back-to-school treat this August, where he expects to hand out school supplies and other necessities to children from his community in Stony Hill, St Andrew. The plans have not yet been finalised as it is early days yet, but Ching revealed that the event will possibly be a day-and-night affair. He also expressed how much he is looking forward to hosting the event as a way of showing how grateful he is for the support his community has shown him.

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