No method for writing songs - Chi Ching Ching

May 27, 2016
File Chi Ching Ching records a song.
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching

Since he got his big break in the industry a few years ago, Chi Ching Ching has given music lovers both locally and internationally a host of hit songs.

With his catalogue growing from strength to strength,one would think that Ching has a method for coming up with his hit songs, but the STAR of the Month revealed that he has no special way of coming up with songs.

"Creating music comes as easy as life," he said. "I draw inspiration from life and how I live it. You can say something to me and mi medz on it and create something from it just like that. So, how I live is how I create my music."

He then went on to explain that when he's in his creative mode, he doesn't necessarily write.

"Mi nuh write. It's not like I have a pen and paper a construct a song," he said. "Mi get the riddim and mi medz the song outta mi head and curve the song inna mi mind."

Ching explained that even as a child, he realised that he had the ability to put words together in a way that would give people a vibe. He added that things came together for him when he was able to put flow and melody to the words.


"A long time mi a build words, enuh. Mi just never have the flow. Mi figure out how fi make the words and flow work together and a so comes you a hear di song dem," he said.

Ching also credits members of his team for the work they have put into his songs over the years. He also showed special appreciation for his engineers.

"Mi have good engineers who know how fi take mi voice and fix it up. Dem know fi fix mi if mi off-key, and ting, mek mi voice come off so nice,"he said.

The entertainer said music has always been his passion, and he is happy he has the opportunity to do what he loves.

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