Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett is STAR of the Month!


June 02, 2016
@Normal:Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
@Normal:Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett

Her curvaceous figure is one that cannot be ignored. She is seen on your TV every Saturday night for several months out of the year. This month, you will see the 'Curvy Diva', Yanique Barrett, every single day for the entire month of June, as she is the STAR of the Month. During the month Yanique will give readers a taste of her life and take them on several adventures.

Below is just a little bit of information about Yanique to wet your appetite as we kick start the month.

Yanique 'The Curvy Diva' Barrett has been on the entertainment scene since 2006 when she hosted the first season of the TV show 'In Di Dance' in Jamaica. Since then, she has blossomed into a seasoned media personality, MC and host of quite a few regional TV and radio shows, including the critically acclaimed Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall that is aired on TVJ.

extremely popular

Professionally trained primarily in television production, Yanique also loves being behind the camera. This keen eye for visual production assists in her creation of professional videos for her extremely popular social media platforms, specifically Instagram, as well as conceptualising advertising campaigns in Jamaica under her Yadelco Production brand.

"I grew up around TV, specifically production, for 19 years. My father, Barry Barrett, is well known in the industry; he worked at CPTC, and in the early years JBC. He gave me my real first introduction to my craft and I loved every aspect of it," Yanique shared.

Yanique also has a keen vision of her image and style, a unique image that helps to keep her in the public domain.

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