LEGAL WRANGLINGS: Ex-girl refuses to repay my sister her money


June 03, 2016

A man who broke off the relationship with his girlfriend because she cheated on him twice says because she is upset with him, she has refused to repay the money she borrowed from his sister.

According to the man, whenever she sees him, she points her finger and curses him. "I should have been the one who is cursing her because she was the one who cheated on me. We were in a relationship from July 2014 to March 2016. She cheated on me with two men during the time.

"The first time I heard that she had cheated, I asked her about it. She admitted it was true and promised me she would never cheat again. I believed her, and so I forgave her. Things went well with us for six months after I forgave her. However, in March this year, my cousin told me she was having an affaire with a man who was visiting from America. This time, I did not say anything to her.

"One evening she told me she was going to visit her mother, and I told her I would be going to play dominoes with my friends. I arranged with one of my friends to trail her. While she was at the bus stop, the same man who was visiting from America drove up. My girlfriend went in the car with him. I was sitting in the back of my friend's car, and I told him to follow the car that my girlfriend was in. The man drove into the parking lot of a hotel and they both came out and went inside the hotel. My friend went inside the hotel and made observations.

"He returned and told me what he had observed. We waited in the parking lot for about two hours, and finally, my girlfriend and the man came out, holding hands. I walked up to her and said good night. She was very frightened to see me and began walking behind me. I went into the car and my friend drove away, leaving her with the man. She called me many times, asking me to forgive her and I told her never.

"During the relationship, she borrowed $80,000 from my sister to buy a stove and promised to pay her back when she got her partner draw in December last year. Whenever my sister asks her for the money, she tells her she is not paying her and she should go to me for the money because she is upset with me for ending the relationship. My sister does not have a receipt for the money, but my sister's friend was present when she lent her the money. Do you think my sister can sue her for the money?"

Although your sister does not have a receipt, she can still sue her for the money. If she does not admit in court that she owes the money, the judge will hear the matter and make a decision.

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