My Confession: I caused my friend's disfigurement


June 03, 2016

STAR, every day I see the huge scar on my best friend's face I remember that I was the one that caused it and it really hurt me. Mi no know how she find it, in her heart to forgive me but mi can't forgive meself.

It's a very long story and it goes way back to when we were both young girls in our 20s. People used to think we were sisters because we have similar body type and we actually look alike.

At times people would mistake one for the other. We used to put ourselves together well and touch road regular.

Even though we were best friends and we looked alike, we neva really act alike. She was basically a 'goody two shoes', quiet and reserved, while me outgoing. She was settled in her relationship with a really nice guy, but me neva so lucky.

Furthermore, me neva interested in settling down. I wanted to be young, wild and free. So, instead of finding a man of my own, me decide fi share one.

I started talking to this married man in the community. I really liked him but he kept telling me he couldn't be with me because he is afraid of what his wife would do.

I kept pressuring him to be with me, until he finally gave in.

We used to have sex at my friend's house because I was still living with my mother and she wouldn't uphold with my actions. My friend kept begging me to stop because she said she wouldn't want anybody do that to her relationship. My ears hard. Mi neva listen.

Mi no sure how everything transpire, but apparently one of the wife friend see me and the man go ova my best friend yard, and give the description of how me look. Remember me tell you say me and me best friend look alike, so, couple days after, the wife spot me friend and think a she a take her husband!

She grab me friend a start beat her. During the fight, the wife stab her inna her mouth and split it open. My friend's mouth took more than a year to heal, but she have keloid skin so the scar swell up big and very unpleasant, it even cause her face to be slightly twisted.

At first she did hate me for what I caused her, and I completely understood. Long after, she forgive me and we are still friends, but I feel so guilty sometimes, especially when people stare at her in public.

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