Passa passa in Western Union


June 06, 2016

Howdie to all a unuh, mi loyal readers. Tell me sumting, is weh heat a go? No man! The time hot bad, enuh! Di odda day mi a dream seh mi a swim, only fi wake up a drown inna mi sweat! Wonder what's gonna happen all when July and August drop een? Smh! Father help us!"

I thought Labour Day was for labouring, yuh know, do likkle dis and dat! But nobody much nuh do them things deh again!?! One time gone, every road clean and pretty come May 23; place paint up and nice! These days, some people just labour them mouth. I was in Western Union at Brooklyn Supermarket and I couldn't believe how two grown adults were arguing! Would say it is petty, but the woman involved didn't think it was, as she was loud - on top of her voice - disturbing everybody else. And we know how we Jamaicans can be colourful with our expressions! Apparently, a woman was passing in the line and brushed pass a man. The man, in return, said something to her as he slightly braced her off him!

This lady was in blue and pink top with pink slippers and sported cut-off foot sky-blue pants. Her hair was locked and in one. She also wore glasses.

"Mi a 50 and my father never beat me yet, so me would love yuh fi try," she argued.

The man she was arguing with seemed about the same age and didn't speak as loudly, but he had a lot to say, too. "I don't care how old yuh be!" he shot back at her.

"Mi know yuh nuh care, but me a tell yuh cause u a gwan like yuh wi beat woman!" She grumbled a lot, I felt like I needed a translator to understand some of the things she was saying.

"The last time me lick a woman, a police hold me."


Some people laughed. The woman had ammunition, "Seet deh, tell yuh, yuh is a woman beater, but a di wrong one yuh wudda a go try beat!"

By this time the man was done with his transaction. As he he turned to leave the woman said, "Wait on me outa door yuh hear, mi a come mi father!"

He seemed to find that amusing. "Hurry up and come," he said as he lingered at the door and looked at her. Wasn't a look of being upset it was more like... "but look pon u ... I waah hold yuh yuh see". LOL, my interpretation. He looked at her intriguingly though! Like he liked this woman. Everyone that was looking laughed as they saw this.

The man went outside. He looked back inside as he was talking to someone like he was explaining to them what happened. He was laughing.

Someone gave out, "A like him like her, enuh!". A lady in the line added, "Him say what him say in joke, enuh, but because she mad him get mad, to!"

Another woman at a window jumped on the bandwagon: "Some a dem man yah ... yuh affi mine how yuh bounce dem. Wah day yah, mi bounce one and him push me. Me affi back mi ratchet (knife) pon him. A woman bounce pon dem, a wah dat. Bout the last time him lick waah woman, not even a man. A woman. Mi wudda help yuh beat him. Me first a put on waah kick!" Laughter exploded.

All in all, it was sorta funny; just that I felt, had it been another time and place, they would have made a bigger scene. Especially the woman. Bwoy, these days everybody head hot. Be careful how you touch or bounce people and be careful of the things you say. One little situation can escalate into something bigger unnecessarily; when an apology could have fixed it! People, my advice: be kind to one another, but take no bull! LOL! Gossipchica out! Live good! Chao!

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