Legal Wrangling: Cousins fight over dead-lef' lands


June 10, 2016

A dispute between two cousins over an acre of land is causing a great deal of conflict among other members of the family.

According to one of the cousins, his grandfather died last year and left him an acre of land in Manchester. He said other family members, including his cousin, who used to be his best friend, are upset.

"It has been pure fuss between me and my cousin and other family members since my grandfather died last year," he said.

"When my grandfather was sick, I made sure that he was properly cared for and most of my other relatives did nothing to assist him. My grandfather had bought an acre of land in Manchester to build a house. However, when he returned from England, he changed his mind and instead repaired the house that his mother had left for him. He left that house for his wife and his stepdaughter," the cousin said.

"After the will was read by my grandfather's stepdaughter a week after he was buried, most of my relatives became upset. My cousin, who used to be my best friend, began cursing me and saying that I bribed our grandfather to give me the acre of land. I told them that I was not interested in 'dead-lef' things because I believe in working for what I want," he continued.

"Most of my relatives have stopped talking to me and they even start saying that my grandfather was very wicked and mean. Sometimes when they see me they curse me. They say all sorts of things about me."


"One of my relatives even suggested that I should sell the land and share the money with them. I told him that if he had helped to take care of my grandfather when he was ill, I am sure he would have left something for him."

"I was coming from work in January when my cousin began pointing his hand in my face and calling me names. I told him to leave me alone and he continued troubling me. I got upset and used a piece of stick to give him a sound beating. He reported the matter to the police and I was arrested and charged for assaulting him. I pleaded guilty when I went to court and paid a fine.

"I thought everything was over with the case, but last week my cousin served me with court papers that he is suing me for $30,000 for his medical expenses. I don't think it is fair because I have ready paid a court fine of $50,000, so I am just going to ignore his claim." he said.

Your cousin can bring a civil suit against you to recover his medical expenses. A criminal case is different from a civil case. The money you paid was your punishment for assaulting your cousin. Your cousin will have to bring proof to the court that he spent $30,000 in medical expenses. If you do not attend court, then a default judgment can be entered against you.

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