My Confession: I made my granny leave her man


June 10, 2016

Growing up, I was the most innocent angel you could ever think of. I was never wrong in my grandmother's eyes. When anything bad happened in the house, it was always my sister's fault, not mine. One day all of this almost changed.

My sister and I were outside, play-cooking. I came up with a 'wonderful plan', which, I believe, was due to my devilish ways.

I decided to steal cigarettes from my step-grandfather. Though my sister warned me, I didn't care. We had lit paper earlier and smoked it, so now I believed I was ready for the real thing.

Mi seh, STAR, me neva expect di man fi wake up cause him did so ole and mash dung. Me go 'jim screechie' inna di man room, and, as mi touch di cigarette, BAM, the ugly man wake up. He suddenly started to tell me a host of colourful expletives, threatening to tell my grandmother.

Feeling afraid and shame, I took up a perfume bottle on his dresser, threw it at him and told him a couple expletives myself.

Who tell mi fi guh do dat? The man get up, same time, and I ran out. Him fling nuff stone afta me, but dem neva ketch me. I was feeling happy but same time mi seh me a get weh, I get a piece a drop deh.

My mouth was bleeding, my tooth broke out, knees well cut up and blood a run like Hellshire. Mi did upset so till.

However, I devised a plan to give this man a dose of his own medicine. I waited down the road for my grandmother to reach home. When I saw her coming I just started with the crocodile tears, and, trust me, I made it look so real, acting all scared and distraught.

I told her that he had slapped me continuously with a iron cord and kick me down.

STAR, is the fastest my grandmother reach up the hill and go fi di cutlass fi chop him up. He tried to tell her that it was a lie, but I was crying profusely and saying it was not a lie, even my sister agreed with me.

He had to leave the house immediately because my grandmother swore she was going to kill him.

To this day my grandmother still believes I am her little angel and that the man was lying. Only my sister and I know the true story.

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