We all have to die one day


June 13, 2016

I always tell people, we all have to part one day! Meaning, we will die from one thing or another. Death is sure, but there are some ways I don't want to die! Example, I don't wanna drown or be burnt or, worse, die and my body rotten before they find it! Then again, I would be dead, WTH would I know, right?!!

Mi say people, I take up myself go pon a scene wah day yah and I was so sick after. This man died and was there for four days before the stench started surfacing. I've never done anything like this, but just to show unuh how much mi just #fass & #curious, I had to be there.

I walked on the crime scene with my ears perked up. As usual, everybody has something to say.

Someone was on their phone chatting, so I pried, "I don't know, but a dat dem say. Him lay down in the settee and look like him nuh get up. Mi ago see what a gwan. Soon call yuh back!" The man on the phone hung up and walked towards the yellow tape.

The whole road was blocked off with yellow tape. No vehicle dare entered, except for one man who figure he was either invisible or exceptional!

One police officer asked him, "You see yellow tape and bare police car and you still drive come down here! Where u think you going, sah?"

One woman beside me gave out, "But a mad sumady! Some people are so dumb!" The driver of the vehicle didn't bother to argue as he reversed and found a park. Turned out he lived in one of the houses that were zoned off! Oh well, he just had to wait, can't fight with a yellow tape, can you?

The whole time I couldn't take my eyes of this big, overgrown- looking man. He was wearing bright, blue sneakers with long socks. The pants he had on ended where the socks stopped. Thought it was funny but, hey, who am I to judge? I remembered Mr Whacky "Crime scene! Yellow tape! Fashion over style!" DWL! I tried to hold back my laugh, but every time I looked at him I had this wide grin on my face. SMH!

He was telling this story, "Me know waah man from dung a Tivoli. Carry fren go a him yard, fren beg him money, him never give him what him expect and him stab him up and leave him. Di pickney see the man inna a album and say, 'See di man weh cut daddy deh!" He popped a Guinness open and put it to his head!

As they took the body from the house and into a waiting vehicle, some people drew closer to look. I couldn't take the scent, so I stood my ground.

The woman beside me said, "Him gone eeh! Poor thing! What a way to die eeh! This quiet good man. What is life, eh?!"

My takeaway from the whole thing is live good with your neighbours. Everyone is about themselves these days, but we have to look out for each other. Look, the man stayed in his house and rot before anyone knew he was even missing. That's sad. We have to live better!


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