'God has been grateful to me'

July 02, 2016
George Henry Minister Leleth Hall

Persons have had experiences with illnesses, but have been able to recover with the help of God. Minister Leleth Hall of Faith Fellowship Missionary Church of God, Cascade, St Ann, is one such person.

Hall, who has been attending church for more than 30 years. She surrendered her life to the Lord more than 20 years ago and testified that she has had many experiences, but her real turning point came after the birth of her second daughter.

"I gave birth to her in 2013. Shortly after I became ill. It started with a high-blood pressure incident. Following that, I had some anxiety disorders. I had experience with depression; I was too ill to take care of the baby," said Hall.

She testified that her daughter did not get much in terms of breast feeding and her mother had to take care of the baby. Hall never had much to do with her daughter due to the state of her health.

"My mother had to take care of her for the first three weeks. I could not lift her up, for the most part. I could not take care of her at all, I could not breastfeed, so my mother was the person who had to take care of her, and I was so thankful for her support," said Hall.

Hall, similar many faith-believing Christians, acknowledged that the experience made her aware that there is an awesome God around.

She testified that, for a long while, she wondered whether she would have return to her normal life, to drive her vehicle, do farming. "It was just so difficult. I had shocks, now and then my body would go into shocks. So much was happening. I was at the lowest point I have ever been in my life. I never thought that I would have been here today, much more to have recovered so nicely, and I attribute all of that to God's goodness, His faithfulness, Him keeping His promises," testified Hall, who said she had to be on numerous antidepressants.

As if Hall's illness was not enough, her challenges were compounded when her husband had an accident, injuring an eye while working on his farm. "This happened while I was going through my situation. It was like double trouble. We started to wonder what was going to happen. He had eye surgery to remove the inner section of the eye, and replaced it with an artificial lens, but God restored his eye so nicely.

This was surprising to the doctor who said he had seen far less injury of other persons' eyes, which resulted in permanent blindness. That was really a turning point for me," testified the woman of God.

It has allowed her to get a firmer grip and to further ground her feet in God. She added that her experiences have brought her and her family closer and have strengthened her relationship with the Lord.

"This has also taught us that there is no better way but to put our trust in God. He has never failed me. My daughter is now three years old. God has been faithful. He has brought me out and I am grateful," she said.

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