MY Confession: I used my car as a toilet!


July 15, 2016

Jah know, STAR, a long time me did wah share dah one yah with somebody, but me did shame fi talk, although me sure nuff people do nastier things than this.

One time mi did a look a girl, and, at first, it was like she neva want me, but me did very determined.

Every time me ask her out she give me one bag of excuses, then, one day, outta the blue, she tell mi say her friend a keep a party on the north coast and she need a ride.

Me know she did a use me fi me car, but me neva care, at least I would get to spend time with her. My real problem was that, on the day she ask me fi carry her to the party, me did a have some serious running belly from some curry wah me did eat, but me decide say that nah stop me.

Me take some Pepto-Bismol and pray to God say it work. Me belly did a gwaan good inna the evening, straight into the night, so me think everything all right, until me deh a the party and me belly start roll!

When me look 'round, not a bathroom in sight and I could feel a big load coming! Mi tell the girl say me ago get something from the car and come back.

The plan was to get some tissue from the car and go a bush, but me neva have time fi that because it was coming down on me. Me grab some newspaper and spread it pon the back seat of the car and let it go right there. When me done, me put the newspaper in a bag and sail it ova the bush.

Afta the party done and we a drive home the girl keep asking how the car so stink, me tell her say maybe one a we step inna something. Mi couldn't tell her di truth.

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