Alfred Williamson laid to rest

July 16, 2016
George Henry Pall bearers taking Alfred Williamson's coffin out the Johns Hall Baptist Church, to the hearse following the service.

The Johns Hall Baptist Church in Clarendon was packed to capacity and scores of mourners spilled over into the church yard as they turned out to pay their last respects to the late Alfred Williamson on Saturday, June 11, at his thanksgiving service.

There were glowing tributes to Williamson, who was a stalwart in his community as well as at the Johns Hall Baptist Church.

Deacon J. Golding described the late churchman as a devoted and sincere man of God who was well respected by church and community members alike. Carlos Deans saw the late Williamson as a loving disciplinarian who was meek and gentle, one whose humility exemplified the fruits of the spirit.

"Brother Williamson was an excellent man. He stood for what he believed in and was a man who stood for righteousness," said Deans.


Deans shared that Williamson was a family man who followed the teachings of the Bible and that he always had his family devotions. Williamson, he said, was known for insisting that his children were always in church.

Speaking on behalf of the Johns Hall Baptist Church, Mrs E. Latty described Williamson, affectionately called 'Brother Bob' by those close to him, as a humble soul who loved God. She said he was a committed servant of God who served in various capacities in the church.

"Brother Williamson served as a Sunday school teacher; he was an ordained deacon; he loved singing, and he loved worshipping. He was a good tither and supporter of the church who loved rallies," said Latty. She added that Williamson was a man who was always on a mission for God. She said he was a great man of prayer who loved to pray, especially for those who were sick and sought prayer.

Michael Francis, who is one of Williamson's brother-in-laws, told mourners that the late churchman was a very close relative of his. He added that Williamson was a good husband, father, and grandfather. "My brother-in-law was a man of good standing. He was a good Christian man, and his singing blessed many hearts during his church life," said Francis.

Following the thanksgiving service, Williamson's body was buried at his family plot at McKoy in the parish. He has left behind to cherish his memory widow Sedoney, five daughters, one brother, three sisters, 11 grandchildren, and other relatives.


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