FROM THE MOUND: Bring the Beat brought the vibes


July 16, 2016

Bring the Beat crew drives Tallawahs home from party stand

A group of relatively unknown boys who call themselves the Bring the Beat crew took over the Appleton Estate Digicel Party Mound as if it was its own.

Roger had his barber carve the Jamaica Tallawahs logo into the back of head.

Lando painted his face and was draped in Jamaican colours. And Ricardo draped himself in a Tallawahs robe complete with a scary mask.

For his effort, he won the fan prize of US$500.

"You nuh see nuttin yet, wait until next week," Roger said.

The Bring the Beat crew was not paid to be there. They saved their funds and headed to the mound to have a good time.

Late afternoon showers had threatened to dampen proceedings at Sabina Park.

But the showers stayed away, and Appleton was in charge on the mound as the Jamaica Tallawahas clashed with the Guyana Amazon Warriors.

And it was just what the doctor ordered. Having dismissed the Warriors for 128, Tallawahs fans thought they were home and dry.

However, as the Tallawahs slumped to 4 for 2, hopes began to fade.

"More rum," some spectators on the mound demanded.

The spectators, many of whom appeared to have been otherwised engaged when the Warriors batted, were now tuned in.

They begged for Chris Gayle and Andre Russell to carry them home.

Russell promised much but fell.

His demise, however, paved the way to Gayle's arrival at number 7.

Bring the Beat decided those around them had to dance to DJs Bravo's Champion. And Champion Gayle, the World Boss, came to the party.

The mound, meanwhile, was the playground of the who-is-who on the party and social scene.

The politicians were aplenty from Damion Crawford to Dr Dayton Campbell to Dr Ronald Robinson and Matthew Samuda. They were all there, but were not all talking cricket.

And there were sports celebrities Ricardo 'Bibi' Gardener, Ricardo Fuller, and Althea Byfield, former national netballer, all of whom fitted seamlessly the home of the cricket's biggest parties.

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