Maggi Mobile Roadshow Hits Papine Square


July 20, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer This Maggi customer prepares to spin the fortune in Papine Square.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Marie Knight, left, won a pot in fortune wheel.
This chef cooked up a storm.
Contributed Maggi Fortune Combo winner Sherine Brown poses beside her prizes. Sharing the moment is promoter Brianna-Kay Grant.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer The spun the wheel and won in the Maggi Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion at Papine Square on Saturday.

The Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion last Saturday made its way to the Papine Square in St Andrew to once again reward and interact with consumers.

Excitement was all around as the residents of Papine and neighbouring communities swarmed the Bigga Value Supermarket, Parkview Supermarket and Bigga Wholesale to purchase their six Maggi products in the hopes of spinning the wheel and winning prizes. With the big prize being the Maggi Fortune Combo, participants gathered around the Maggie tents to enter for the chance to win.

Among the excited participants was Marie Knight of Maryland, who won a pot as she spinned the fortune wheel.

"I'm always excited to participate in Maggi's promotions. Last time, my husband won something and this year I won. I am really anticipating the Fortune Combo. I would love to win that gas stove, pressure cooker and igloo," she told THE STAR with a chuckle.

The Fortune Combo, however, went to Sherine Brown. She bought two Maggi noodles and four season-up, and told THE STAR she had the sixth sense that she was going to win it.

"In the morning I felt it, and I told my sister that I am going to win the stove and give it to my daughter," Brown said.

Her daughter, Verlina Sinciar, is only 13 years old, but Brown said she has been cooking since age eight.

"I gave my daughter everything. Me want her to start life from early," the vendor told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, Saturday's activities was promising as Maggi chefs cooked up a storm of coconut cabbage, vegetable rice and spicy beans stew to show how Maggi can turn your pot around.

Along with the cooking demonstration, host Nordett Morrison promoted a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercising.

The promotion goes to Princess Street, Kingston, this Saturday at Extra Value Wholesale. Residents of downtown Kingston will be given the chance to not only enter to win Maggi products, but will be able to learn new and exciting Maggi recipes.

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