Legal Wrangling: Girlfriend lies landed me in jail


July 22, 2016

A man who admitted to cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend is upset with the manner in which his girlfriend handled the situation.

According to the man, he was at home one night when the police came knocking on his door. "They said they had a report from my girlfriend that I had pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her. I was shocked by the report because it was not true, and I told the police she was lying," he said.

"The police said she had given a statement in writing and it was the court which had to decide the case. I was taken to the police station, where I was charged with assault and illegal possession of firearm. I spent two weeks in custody until a judge granted me bail.

"I pleaded not guilty to the charges and the case went on for about 15 months until I was freed. My girlfriend, who told lies on me, never attended court. She moved from her address after she brought false charges against me.

"When she found out I was having an affair with her best friend, she confronted me about it. I don't like telling lies, so I admitted cheating on her. I told her I was sorry and I immediately ended the affair with her best friend.

"After I told her I loved her very much and I knew that she was hurting, she said she did not think she could continue the relationship. I told her she should not give up on us because we were in a relationship for six years.

"She said she had to think long and hard about our relationship because she found it very difficult to forgive me. We were both crying, and up to now I cannot understand what possessed me to cheat on her.

"But the next day I got the shock of my life when the police came to my house and locked me up [based] on the lies she told on me. I have never owned a gun in my entire life and I would never physically abuse any woman.

"Two months after I was freed, I heard she was working at her aunt's supermarket, so I went there last month to ask her why she told lies on me. She replied that I should ask myself why I cheated on her. My friends have been encouraging me to sue her for the lies she told on me, but right now I am not sure what I could sue her for," he said.

The fact that you were locked up and had to attend court because of the lies she told, you could sue her to recover damages for malicious prosecution.

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