Castleton shopkeeper over the moon with Maggi win


July 27, 2016
Contributed Maggi downtown Ten year old Xylophone (right) wooing the crown and outside broadcast host Ron Muchette of MELLO FM is all taken with her performance
Maggi Fortune Combo winner Felicia English

When Felicia English, a shopkeeper from Castleton, St. Mary, last Saturday made her way to Master Mac Wholesale at the intersection of Orange and Beeston streets, downtown Kingston, her sole intent was to purchase supplies for her business because she finds it to be more affordable.

On reaching Master Mac, she asked about the promotion, and bought an extra six packs of the required Maggi products, including two soups to enter the Fortune Wheel promotion. English won a Maggi lunch bag as instant prize before making her way home.

She wasn't even thinking of the main prize.

"Ah scream wen ah get di call ... ah still screaming," she said.

It was the first time that the combo prize of a four-burner gas stove, large igloo, and pressure cooker was being won by a shopkeeper.

"Yuh wouldn't know what it mean to mi. Di four-burner gas stove going to replace di two-burner one weh ah have. It wi cook fi mi family of four and the three visiting children from time to time. Di igloo mi teking to 'A St Mary Mi Come From', and most important, wi keep di drinks dem cool in mi shop. Mi pressure cooker mash up - so ah now mi ready fi cook .... ah still screaming," English said.

The Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion, which has been making its way across the island, provides Maggi brand's loyal consumers with a chance to win several prizes weekly.

singing wonder

Despite the day being rainy in parts, nothing could dampen the activities as shoppers gathered at Master Mac. The sun shone brightly through the performance of 10-year-old singer Xylophone. The singing wonder had shoppers quickly gathering around - leaving outside broadcast host Ron Muchette of MELLO FM in disbelief.

He couldn't have enough of the soup - and just wouldn't leave the kitchen, enquiring about the recipies for the Maggi Coconut Cabbage, Spicy Bean Stew, and Vegetable Rice.

The promotion moves to Mandeville this Saturday - at Master Mac Supermarket, Sure Save and SuperPlus, Midway Mall, giving lucky Maggi customers the chance to win big.

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