LEGAL WRANGLING: Woman wants divorce after husband brought lover to live in matrimonial home


July 29, 2016

After being married to a policeman for five years, a hairdresser is now planning to divorce him because he has been cheating on her.

She says she is very upset because her husband took his girlfriend to their house to live.

"When I found out that the woman was my husband's lover, I collapsed and had to be hospitalised for three days," she said.

"My husband came to me March, last year, and told me he had a cousin who needed somewhere to live. He said she was his uncle's daughter, but he had not seen her for a long time. I was reluctant at first to let her come to live with us, but he pleaded with me to help her.

"He told me that his uncle, who is her father, was very kind to him when he was a child. We have a spare room in our house and my husband told me that since his cousin was not working, we should help her until she found a job and could rent her own place.

"My husband took his so-called cousin to meet me in March of last year and she seemed to be a very pleasant and intelligent young woman. She told me she was laid off from her job and was looking a job. I agreed for her to move in the next day and she did.

"We got along very well and she helped me with the housework. I am a hairdresser, and sometimes I work late, and I must say, it was a pleasure living with her.

"However, in May this year, my husband, who is a policeman, telephoned me to find out what time I was leaving work. I told him the appointment for my last customer was 6 p.m., so I should be home by 9 p.m. The customer called after I spoke with my husband and said she had an emergency but would come the next day. I did not bother to tell my husband what had happened.

"When I reached home, my husband's car was in the garage, but when I went inside the house, I did not see him or see his cousin. I was sitting in the living room when I saw my husband, in the nude, coming out of his cousin's room.

"He was frightened when he saw me and asked how long I was home. I collapsed and had to be hospitalised for three days. When I returned home from the hospital, the cousin had moved out. I have not seen her since, but my husband to whom I have been married for five years confessed to me that she was his girlfriend. I can no longer trust my husband, and all I want is a divorce. I told my friends about the incident and one of them suggested that I should divorce him on the grounds of adultery, and I am really going to divorce that barefaced cheater,"she said.

Under the Matrimonial Causes Act, there is now only one ground for divorce. Section 5 of the Act states that either party can file a petition for dissolution of marriage on the ground that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. However, the parties must be living separately and apart for a continuous period of not less than 12 months before the filing of the petition for divorce.

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