My Confession: I used to rob Mr Chin


July 29, 2016

Mi say, STAR, I used to work at this Chiney man wholesale, and the pay wah me did a get neva make any sense, and on top of that, him neva have any manners, so mi get fed up.

I wanted to quit the job, but me no bother quit. Mi decide fi stay because mi neva know where to find another job. So me and two other workers plan up and start steal from the Chiney man.

We take all sorts of goods from the wholesale, including rice, flour, sugar, and meat. Him neva know a thing because him trust we, since we stay there the longest and neva complained about the chump change he was giving us for pay.

We had to go about it very smart. I used to supervise, while one was the cashier and the other one packed the bags. We used to have we friends come in and order nuff things, then the cashier just cash some of the items, and the other one put everything in the bag.

At the end of the day, we meet up and share up everything. Things did a gwaan so good, that me start a little business on the side. Me open a little stall inaa me community and start sells the things dem. Working with the Chiney man was such a blessing fi me.

But one day the little old Chiney man find out what was happening and all hell bruck loose. The amount a badword him cuss couldn't whole pon dah page yah. Him fire all a we.

Mi nah lie, mi really miss dem good old days deh at the Chiney man wholesale.

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