It was no hoax ... Maggi Winner can’t stop talking about his luck


August 03, 2016
Customers participating in a Nestle quiz all seem to have the answers to questions being asked.
Contributed Cleon Blackwood, winner of the combo prize, is greeted by Nestle's nutrition adviser Nordett Morrison.

It was

no hoax

... Maggi winner can't stop

talking about his luck

"This has definitely made a difference in my life - Maggi has made the difference - and I just can't stop talking about it. I have told everyone."'

Those words were spoken by an elated Cleon Blackwood, the main prize winner of the Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion, last Saturday at Master Mac Supermarket in Mandeville, Manchester.

As the winner of the main prize, Blackwood got a four-burner gas stove, a large igloo, and a pressure cooker.

"My gas stove was getting old and rusty," said the man who shops for his family regularly at Master Mac.

"This new four-burner stove comes at the right time. I always wanted an igloo - I never had one - and the pressure cooker will just make things easier around the kitchen," he added.

Maggi has been staging its Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel promotion from May 7. The show, which ends on August 20, sees the Maggi making some 16 stops across the island at town squares and supermarkets awarding instant prizes and a main prize all in one day.

"You would never believe how happy I am because I have never won anything yet. When I got the call, I first thought it was a hoax. I still can't believe it," Blackwood said.

fortune wheel

The promotion was all the buzz at Master Mac with fortune wheel activity also at Super Save across the road and Super Plus at the Midway Mall.

The day was also a treat of fine recipes with the sampling of Maggi soup, vegetable rice, coconut cabbage, and spicy bean stew. Many shoppers shared their special Maggi menu with the Chef Curtis Robinson and his team.

"I am a vegetarian," said Blackwood, "and I just love the Maggi soup with pumpkin.

Those noodles are also great for my season rice. Ah tell you man, Maggi is the difference."

The next stop for the roadshow will this Friday be at In-Town Supermarket and Shoppers Fair in Junction, St. Elizabeth.

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